Sunday, 15 January 2017

Miss Fisher: action heroine

Phryne Fisher in a white lame coat with white fur collar
Yup, you read that title right. Just as I (and quite possibly you) have been mourning the dearth of decent period dramas on the telly, we get news that Miss Fisher is making the transition to the big screen. (News outlets reporting this include the Sydney Morning Herald and Australia's Daily Telegraph.) The series' producers, Fiona Eaggar and Deb Cox, have said in interviews that they'd like to do a trilogy of films and make them more action-packed, along the lines of the Indiana Jones films.

I love the Indiana Jones films, I enjoy the Miss Fisher series, and part of me is really up for this. I read a lot of vintage adventure stories, and while I enjoy the action, I do spend a lot of time getting annoyed at the casual racism/sexism, so in that respect an adventure written now but set in the past is perfect. (Anachronism, schmanacronism; I'm happy to lose a bit of historical accuracy if it means we can also ditch the racism and sexism.)

That said, part of me doesn't really get why they have to take an established character and play with her. The Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries programme has a lot of dedicated fans, but fans of historical murder mysteries aren't always the same people who like action movies. While Miss Fisher will be in the films, there's no word yet about Jack, Dot, Bert, Cec and other popular characters from the television programme.

What do you think? Keen to see Phryne kicking arse and taking names? Simply keen to see more of those gorgeous costumes? Or thinking this is all getting a bit silly now and you wish she'd get back to regular crimebusting?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Woolly thinking

My crafting hasn't got off to a brilliant start in 2017.

I'm supposed to be knitting a (non-vintage) cardigan for a friend right now. I made a good start, only my tension was all wrong and it was coming out way too small, so I ripped it back... and then realised I didn't have the right size needle. As it's being done in one piece from the top down I'm using a circular needle. (For non-knitters, that's two points joined by a long, flexible cable, and it enables you to knit longer pieces than conventional needles, and tubes if you like.) I'm fussy about circs; I've used Pony ones but the join between cable and needle isn't completely smooth in the ones I've tried and I get annoyed at my knitting catching slightly. I've ordered a Chiaogoo red lace needle from Purlescence, but while I wait for that to turn up my thoughts have moved on to knitting things for myself.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

My five favourite vintage sci-fi costumes: ladies

Servalan in white feathers
Servalan: fashion goals...
I did a post on five style lessons I've learned from The Avengers, and Sarah raised the subject of Star Trek. “I could definitely do a post on science fiction costumes,” I thought. It's been a struggle to pick just five, even keeping things within my 'nothing after the 1980s' blog rule, so I started by narrowing it down to the ladies. (Would you like to see a similar post on the chaps at a later date?) Princess Aura made the cut, but Buck Rogers space vixen Princess Ardala did not, and I wasn't actually sure if Wonder Woman should be in the mix – I suppose comics are sort of SF, but they're not the first thing that springs to my mind when I think of the genre. As much as everyone loves Carrie Fisher, I never liked Princess Leia's bun hair and white dress. Here are the five that made the grade…

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Halcyon: Hotel Downton

The sets were nice, I'll give it that.
 Like Downton Abbey? Then you'll probably like the new WWII-set ITV drama, The Halcyon. I didn't like Downton, and I was sorely disappointed with The Halcyon. I'd really hoped for something good as there seems to be very little in the way of decent period drama on telly at the moment, but this really didn't do it for me.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

State of the vintage wardrobe: don't care

Every year I do a post looking at what I've bought, clothes-wise, over the past twelve months. What worked, what didn't, what I'd like more of, and so on. There's always some direction to this: a plan to get a couple more bags, move beyond the basics to something more stylish, that sort of thing. In last year's version of this post I said I felt I'd found a comfortable place, and didn't have many firm plans. I wanted more trousers – got those – and some pencil skirts – still need those. I wanted to wear a wider variety of my jewellery, which started out with me trying to wear a different piece each day, but that sort of backfired as I realised I wasn't wearing my favourite pieces in order to save them. But I did at least get more out of the box.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas swag

 I hope you had a great Christmas! I've been a terribly lazy pudding and have done very little, but given how hectic the first part of December was, I think I've earned it. Considering my extremely basic outfit this morning, which didn't even include jewellery or perfume, I thought: Goody and Vix would NOT approve of this, and then I thought: but they're big on dressing to please onesself, and if I want to spend a week in slobwear, they'd probably say, 'Go forth and slob, O Mim.'

As always I got thoroughly spoiled, though I didn't get so much vintage stuff this year.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Outfit post: 90s goth

I dunno, you wait months for an outfit post and then I do two on the bounce. I'm not sure this qualifies as vintage, though some people seem to slap the v-word on 90s stuff nowadays, but it definitely is 1990s because that's when I bought this dress, from a stall on Snetterton Market.