Sunday, 1 May 2016

Direct Hit: The Blitz Detective [book]

Foyle's War has been one of my favourite things on telly in recent years, and I'm going to miss not having more programmes starring Foyle and Sam, so when I spotted this 1940s-set crime novel in the Oxfam bookshop in Bath, I pounced. Could it fill in the gap?

Thursday, 28 April 2016

[Outfit post] Suits you, madam!

 Here I am, getting my Katharine Hepburn on. Yeah, the suit's new. As in, shop-new. High street. Not even repro. I'd wanted a suit for a while, and thought it would be good to have something conventionally smart in my wardrobe. When I bought this I thought the trousers would also be good for my holiday.

It's navy. Again. Sooner or later I really will have to go cold turkey on the blue.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Improving my photography

A toy robot with a dacora 1 camera
Tinny Tim investigates our old Dacora 1
For someone whose day job is on a photography magazine, I really do take crummy photos. (I should point out that my job does not involve taking photos, nor writing tutorials. I'm responsible for things like spelling and grammar.) It's pretty bad of me nonetheless, because I'm well aware that lovely photos are something that attract people to a blog. Other bloggers manage to take nice photos perfectly well, and while I'm against comparing onesself to other people in general, this is definitely one of those times when the comparison has to be made. It's not a matter of personal taste or style, it's a matter of developing useful skills and not being so lazy.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

A night on the tiles

I had been thinking of going to Vintage Sunday today (part of Bath in Fashion week) but didn't think anyone else was going, and also I had WORK to do.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Costume drama musings

Does it ever frustrate you when you're watching a historically-set television programme or film and the costumes aren't quite what you'd hoped for? I've had a few days off this week and have been watching a series made in the 1970s - it's for Crime Scene, so I can't say much about it - but one thing that's really struck me is that it gives every impression of being from the 1970s and the costumes and hairstyling don't do much to convey that the story is set in the late 1940s.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Comfort shopping

I have managed to break my comfort-Etsy-shopping habit. This is a good thing. I haven't completely broken my comfort-shopping habit, but I've been spending on things like cheapo earrings and perfume samples, which are more affordable and take up less space.

Let's start with something pretty: Cate sent me this beautiful diamante brooch as part of her thank-you for the tank top I made her, so when I spotted these studs in Accessorize I had to get them. They nearly match the brooch - the colours are a little less bright, but I don't think most people will notice that when the brooch is on my lapel and the earrings in my earlobes. They came on a card with five other pairs of earrings, and I don't like a couple of pairs, but for a tenner, it doesn't matter.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

11.22.63 - time travelling telly

A man looking at a 1957 Ford
Mmm, car porn!
Have you started watching 11.22.63? I've always felt no-one quite does nostalgia quite like Stephen King. My first encounter with any of his stories was the film Stand By Me, based on his short story, The Body. He somehow manages to conjure up a bright, sunlit past, yet one that is unsettling as you are aware that change is coming, whether that's simply growing up, or something worse. And the truth is that the past isn't a cosy place, because life itself isn't cosy, we all get hit by losses and pains large or small in our lifetimes. 11.22.63 epitomises that cosy-not-cosy feeling.