Sunday, 24 July 2016

1930s embroidery transfer brought to life

1930s embroidery transfer on a tablecloth
Okay, half-life, as it's not finished yet. I've had a hankering for a while to do some embroidery, and while doing my mothbusting I rediscovered a Wilkos tablecloth I bought to embroider. I know I should be finishing my knitted jumper, or working on some freelance, or doing housework, but yesterday I really wanted to do the embroidery, so I had a good look through my stash of vintage transfers and found one I liked the look of.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Crinoline Robot's Vintage Week

Been cooking retro food over at Greedybots again...
For once, I actually feel as though my life is vaguely under control. That's pretty rare for me. The garden isn't quite a mess, the house is more or less presentable, and I've had time to work on one or two personal projects. I've really been enjoying vintage gubbins lately, too.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Tea Dance [music]

My route into vintage was via the 1920s, and a love of silent films and the music of the era. I've dipped more into later decades in recent years, but recently felt the need for more jazz-age stuff on my iPod*. It has been literally years since I got some new-to-me music from that era. I used to be able to buy CDs from Duck, Son and Pinker, a shop in Bath that had the best selection of vintage music, and bought a lot of CDs back when I was able to browse their stacks, but since that closed down options have been limited. I'd got a couple of CDs on the Past Perfect label from Past Times when that was still going, so decided to order some more discs straight from Past Perfect.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Lady Rose Lion (Monkey Unicorn)

Have you been following Gemma's (Retrochick) #glamorousjuly project? I've been joining in when I can, if only because I think most people would welcome a bit of fun and frivolity right now. Today's challenge is to write a positive review to support a small business. And, as it happens, I've got the perfect candidate.

A lot of the 4160 Tuesdays perfumes I've reviewed have been too modern to suit my tastes, but the one I'd really wanted to try from the brand has proved an absolute corker. Many perfumistas have described Lady Rose Lion (Monkey Unicorn) as echoing the scent of a classic vintage chypre. I wanted to try it because it's got a peach note and I was really hoping that with that and the oakmoss it would be like Mitsouko.

Monday, 11 July 2016

How to moth-proof your wardrobe

Clothes moths. Horrible things. If your taste in vintage leans more to the 1960s and 1970s, when polyester and other synthetics really came into vogue, you might not care about them so much – moths have no taste for crimplene. However, if your tastes are a little earlier, or you're a knitter, or you're mad about felt hats, you will understand exactly why I hate them so much. Those tiny, flittering, harmless looking things can wreak havoc on clothes.

I'd noticed a few moths flitting about the bedroom recently, and while I wasn't 100% certain they were clothes moths, I wasn't taking any chances. I decided to give the wardrobes and drawers a proper-deep down mothproofing. It's a simple enough process, if fairly time consuming. 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Who wants a free 50s fridge?

Prestcold fridge logoSorry about the impromptu break. I didn't seem to have much to write about, and then the country went bonkers and I couldn't think of much to write (frankly, I felt like digging myself a bunker to retreat into until about 2026), hence my general silence. Unfortunately my garden was too overgrown for much excavation, so the bunker plan had to be shelved* and you're stuck with me. But I do have little things to talk about...

First up: anyone want a genuine 1950s Prestcold fridge? Pale yellow outside, turquoise inside. Though the external paint isn't pristine it's still got all its original drawers, and when we last turned it on (back in the 1990s) it still worked, though it was noisy and inefficient. We've been using it to store wine in, as it's lightproof and keeps bottles safe from temperature changes, but it's really taking up too much space for something that no longer works with our dining room design. It's free to a good home, but you'll have to be able to collect it from Trowbridge at a weekend, and you WILL need two people to move it. Contact me if you want it or have any questions at the usual email addy – crinolinerobot AT yahoo DOT com.
Prestcold refrigerator

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Looking forward in time to going back...

Are you looking forward to going Further Back In Time?
Oooh, what a feast of televisual treats we have to look forward to later this year.

If, like me, you enjoy retro-reality shows, you'll be pleased to note that it looks like the Back In Time programmes are going to continue; production company Wall To Wall is advertising for 'a fun, food-loving family to go further back in time', 'good young cooks' who are willing to 'experience working life for young women in the 20th century before the conveniences of modern technology' and a Caribbean family who 'will be given the chance to explore Black British History'. So I'm guessing that'll be at least three separate series, all of which sound exciting. The first sounds as before, but earlier, which hopefully will include the Jazz Age, but the other two could be even better, showing the working lives of young women and the everyday lives of black Britons. The latter is a subject that doesn't get nearly enough coverage, I feel, especially as light entertainment, and when black British domestic history does make it to the small screen it's all too often as an add-on to mainstream white British history.